On going planning with support...

curriculum as process and praxis
inquiry and project-based
social learning (working with others to construct meaning)

Learning Project Objectives
  • set the context, structure, curriculum, and environment for innovation, participation, collaboration and mentorship
  • support individual development of learning (goal setting, planning, researching, gathering, sorting, organizing, creating, revising, reflecting)
  • develop a learning community that values risk-taking…
  • create the conditions which insure growth

What we expect to accomplish:
  • to make the learning experiences as natural and “unschool-like” as possible by working with each student’s unique interests, knowledge and skills
  • to provide a space where students can take risks in exploring their interests
  • to develop the individual knowledge, skills and disposition necessary for independence in gaining employment or pursuing post-secondary education and training
  • to develop the ability to ask good questions, to search, select and gather appropriate resources, to organize, to create, to self assess, rinse and repeat
  • to have students demonstrate and present their learning as appropriate for each individual
  • to develop cross-disciplinary inquiry units with the students
  • to see development in the whole person (social, academic, personal)
  • to have students regularly record their reflections on their progress
  • to work collaboratively with students and parents to provide the most appropriate learning experiences
  • to be in continuous contact with parents

Students will begin by setting big picture long term goals and then establish daily and weekly goals. Students will record and reflect on their progress at least three times a week.